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Ode to Season 8

 New vidlet/Promo thing. Got yanked off youtube (rage!) and now exploring other options.


Gosh its been forever...

[01-14] Season 7 animations
[15-16] Cote and Michael interview
[17-29] Season 7 quotes
[30-35] "When I grow up..."
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[36-43] AVPM animations
[44-67] AVPM and AVPS quotes


AVPMCollapse )Please comment and credit :)

New NCIS vid!

Title: Double Agent In Heels...
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tony/Ziva
Song: Here Comes Trouble by Honor Society
Program: Sony Vegas

Watch here on Youtube


New Vid!

Just a little Tiva vidlet.

First video with Sony Vegas....I think I almost know how to use it, but rendering with thing is a nightmare...This video actually came to 3 GBs the first time I did it, yikes!

Also, I never posted this here but I did a video a while back that has reached 35000 views and counting! I don't really understand why...I think it's the song...


72 Icons + Random Wallpapers

[01-20] Animations 7x18 Jurisdiction
[21-40] MW and CdP in Monte Carlo.
[41-50] Animations 7x17 Double Identity...I think...?
[51-64] NCIS cast at Paley Fest
[65-72] Men of NCIS TVG Photoshoot 

+ 4 Wallies

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